Can Anxiety Cause Health Problems?

Anxiety is a condition where an individual feels fearful or tense. In some cases it can be accompanied by panic. When you become anxious you tend to have a faster heartbeat, feel sick, start shaking, sweat, develop headaches, and even autoimmune dysfunctions– just to name a few symptoms. It is a condition which will make you feel fearful to an extent where its hard to concentrate, and often quite scary. Anxiety can also lead to a lot of health problems. Although there is not necessarily a “cure” for anxiety, learning how to alleviate the condition as much as possible is important, there are lots of natural anxiety remedies.  In severe cases, anxiety could lead to health complications such as chronic respiratory disorders, heart diseases, or gastrointestinal conditions.. Here are common anxiety disorders and their symptoms:

Generalized anxiety disorder

General anxiety involves worrying about your safety, health, money and other aspects of life. Often anxiety sets in around after an extreme event triggers an unusual amount of stress, such as the death of a family member, or being in a car accident. However, even after the stress has passed, the symptoms of anxiety can last for more than six months after the triggering event. This can lead to health complications such as muscle pain, headaches, nausea, insomnia, and breathlessness. This is a condition that can lead you to having concentration, and constantly feeling panicked and anxious. Y

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

This is a condition associated with emotional threat. It can come in after a child has be abused, fear of things such as earthquake, combat and other tormenting memories. The stress can lead to difficulties in sleeping, lack of concentration, emotional withdrawal, and angry outbursts. The anxiety should be treated early because it can expose the victim to long term health complications. For example, lack of sleep can affect the health of the victim adversely.

Panic disorder

Panic attacks are recurrent feelings of episodes of terror or doom. It is usually followed by sweating, dizziness, rapid hearth beat or weakness. These episodes can be extremely frightening, and people who experience them often think they’re about to die, even though the physical symptoms are all triggered by their mental mindset.



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