Anxiety in the Modern World Today

Reason for anxiety

Over the past few years, anxiety is becoming more and more of a talked about self issue. Anxiety used to be thought of as something that was for the weak, or those who were scared. However, now it is understood that even some of the most powerful and smartest people suffer from this debilitating mental game, and it is a real problem. There are several things that can cause or add to anxiety, however, there are also several ways to lessen the symptoms and take control.

Nature cures anxiety


  • Genetics – It is believed that if somebody in your family has had panic attacks in the pasts, then you too are prone to them too. While there is no “anxiety gene”, mental illnesses or anxiety is something often seen across multiple generations in the same family.
  • Childhood – If a child undergoes a sudden shock in childhood, such as a parental loss, school bullying, or abandonment- then this child is much more likely to suffer from anxiety than other children who have not had these experiences.
  • Addiction and Dependency – People who consume alcohol or drugs are more prone to anxiety when they’re taken away from them. They’re addictions cause them to feel anxious and scared when they aren’t sitting on their cloud of alcohol or drugs. Another types of dependency, social dependency, people depend on you- you’re the star of the baseball team and you’re up to bat- is called somatic anxiety.

Natural Treatments for anxiety

Anxiety can have several negative impacts on the health of a person undergoing such attacks. Often, people cut themselves off from the world, or avoid participating in actives that aren’t normal, as they’re worried about feeling anxious. Thus, before anxiety begins to take a toll on your life, it is important that one must practice or adopt some of these natural treatments for anxiety.

  • Exercise – Exercising can be a natural cure to most of the troubles in life. It is known to produce some chemicals that tend to keep us calm. Moreover, when you exercise the physical exertion helps to combat anxiety attacks.
  • Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy has long been known to bring in positivity via the smell and the fragrances. People tend to associate certain thoughts and emotions to these fragrances. These fragrances begin to calm and comfort the person undertaking these aroma herbs. Some popular aroma herbs include juniper, lavender, hops, catnip, chamomile, clary sage, or cloves. Those suffering from anxiety can either inhale the fragrances of these herbs directly or take aromatic baths.
  • Vitamins – The intake of Vitamin B complex such as B1, B2, B6 or B9 are a good way to prevent anxiety. These B complex tablets are known to strengthen the immune system too.
  • Diet – There are some fruits and vegetables that help anxiety as well as as fish, olive oil, nuts, and. However, some foods such as chocolates, alcohol, whole grains (also a main contributor to leaky gut), and coffee are known to provoke stress or anxiety attacks.

Dog helps woman with anxiety

Anxiety can cause serious health ailments. Thus, it is important to naturally cure the anxiety attacks. Attack back at anxiety in the modern world by getting back to your primal or paleo roots.

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Try to live the care-free life cavemen/cavewomen did over a million years ago whenever they weren’t in danger.



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